The all-in-one user-friendly SaaS, GPS tracking platform

Expertly tailored for your business needs and rapidly providing valuable and customisable information, including the ability to white label your brand.

Situated in South Africa and USA.

Market leaders in telemetry data analytics

We consolidate data from all major tracking companies’ API feeds.

Conveying information over vast networks, we optimise your insurance underwriting and risk profiling, fleet management, project management, and bureau data.

Rapid insights

Get faster cost analysis for your fleet, benefit in real time from useful information extracted from operational data and gain faster insight by means of our predictive algorithms.

Reduced risk

Manage and reduce insurance and operational risks through comprehensive analysis and recommendations, assuring confidence by repeatable and forecastable risk targets.

Maximised impact

Maximise value by the processing of large amounts of live data, bringing all your data sources together and sharing it across your business in easy to access locations/providers.

Streamlining your business procedures in a rapidly evolving technical environment is complicated.

Will you find a telemetry data analytics provider offering what you need?

A product-agnostic, superior suite of products
A portal accepting data feeds from any telemetry/IoT device
The ability to reduce insurance and business risk
The expertise to create profiles with the aim of establishing risk
Accessible insights at one easy to use platform

TeflonConnect’s leading products and services will help your business excel

With more than 80 years of combined experience, TeflonConnect are market leaders in telemetry data analytics for business process evaluation and consolidation methods by means of API integrations. We provide you with rapid, valuable, and customisable information for efficient and secure management and risk reduction.

Our Products

Gain rapid insights to optimise your business processes

TC Resellers
TC Insurance Solutions

Our Services

Our services are aimed at reducing operating costs

Tracking access
Data analysis and exception reporting
Route and utilisation management
Daily reports
Insurance risk management

Our promise to you

Why TeflonConnect?


With more that eighty years of combined experience and offices in Roodepoort South Africa and Florida USA, you receive excellent service, whether in the insurance underwriting or risk profiling business, fleet management, vehicle tracking, logistics, project management, bureaus, or other industries.


A convergence suite of products coupled with business intelligence translates underutilised data into rapid real time insights delivered in a user-friendly UI, thus optimising your business from logistics to staff performance, from risk management to revenue. We help you achieve strategic objectives and capacitate positive outcomes.


We manage information and technology in compliance with laws and with integrity and operate with honesty and family values. We do what we promise.

Our 4-step process

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Step 1: Contact us

Contact us via email or give us a call.

Step 2: Assessment

We do an assessment of your requirements and your premises, determining the ideal course of action.

Step 3: Professional advice

We advise you of customised solutions for your enterprise.

Step 4: Install and monitor

We install the necessary hardware and software and assist as needed.

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