Teflon connect aims to provide a consolidated user dashboard capable of monitoring any device. Our site will initially provide access to over 900 tracking device providers. This will be extended in alignment with user requirements to include any asset or expense that requires constant attention. Read More!

User Web Interface

Smart and simple – this is what your users will say about your service. Intuitive web-interface embeds the latest technologies, looks great and works fast. And it meets the whole range of applications – from pet tracking to sophisticated enterprise solutions.

Mobile Apps

Turn smartphones and tablets into GPS tracking and monitoring devices. Track mobile employees and family members in real-time without extra gadgets.

Admin Panel

Gain control and visibility into the commercial services you offer with the Admin panel. As an essential part of the platform, it offers deep customisation, comprehensive service management, flexible billing and lots of tools to optimise your staff workflow.

Over 900+ gps tracking devices closely supported

Facts about our Platform
900 +
Devices Integrated
94 %
User Preference
150 +
R 1.78
Average Cost Per Day

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Emergency Notifications: Never Miss Important Events

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