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Commercial, Body corporate, Fidelity cover, Professional indemnity, Guarantees, Fleet insurance, Agriculture

  • Commercial insurance

Commercial Insurance helps protect your business from a variety of risks such as damage to your premises, injuries to your employees, business interruption resulting in lost revenue, or other vulnerabilities that are out of your business’s control.

In an ever-evolving business environment we offer tailored short-term insurance for your business assets, loss of profits, specialist liabilities, and property portfolios.

  • Body corporate

Body corporate insurance covers damage and consequential damage to the buildings and all fixtures and fittings of permanent nature within the units. Examples include sanitary ware, fitted carpets and cupboards. The insurance also offers liability and indemnity insurance against perils that are specified in the Act, including legal liability on the common property. Members may decide to include other perils as well. The insurance is for full reinstatement of buildings, but does not cover normal wear and tear. 

At SFA we specialise in sectional title insurance. We can cover all residential sections and common property for their full replacement value in the event of damage or destruction from things like fire, flooding, earthquakes, burst pipes and rioting.

We provide insurance for both residential and commercial properties including the common area. Cover is provided for the entire complex including all buildings, common property, office contents, vehicles, personal accident, and all liabilities. A typical body corporate policy will also cover everything that forms part of the buildings like fitted cupboards, walls, and other permanent fixtures and fittings. Buildings will be covered at replacement cost.

The policy is targeted at all sectional title complexes and developments, homeowners associations, as well as share block buildings.


  • Loss of rent, rent escalation and inflation variable cover
  • Office contents
  • Money cover
  • Broad form liability including cover for gratuitous advice, wrongful arrest, and defamation
  • Trustees’ liability or directors’ and officers’ cover
  • Principal controlled contractor’s liability for any one period of insurance in respect of alterations, additions, and maintenance to the property
  • Building modifications
  • Employers’ liability
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Power surge
  • Accidental damage
  • Theft of landlords’ fixtures and fittings
  • Electric motors and gate motors
  • Security guards
  • Burst pipes and the costs of locating the water leak, including any water loss
  • Fidelity cover

Fidelity insurance is a class of insurance designed to protect you as a business owner, against losses incurred as a direct result of fraud or theft by an employee. In essence, fidelity insurance protects you against the potential infidelity of employees.

  • Guarantees

Guarantee insurance is a form of security for the performance of a piece of work which has been agreed upon in a contract. It is also used as a security for advanced payments, or payments on account for the services you agree upon in a contract. The guarantee can be limited or unlimited. With an unlimited guarantee, the full amount of the liability is covered and with limited guarantee only a portion of the liability will be covered. One of our skilled consultants will advise you about various types of guarantee insurance to suit your requirements.

  • Fleet insurance

Fleet insurance covers a fleet of vehicles for a company and manages the risk of all business vehicles included in the policy. It is designed to distribute the risk across the board so you do not pay more than once for each peril. Fleet insurance is generally taken out by companies that use vehicles to travel for business purposes, but can also benefit an individual who drives more than one vehicle. The vehicles must be owned by the same business (or person) and usually a minimum number of vehicles are required in order to qualify for fleet insurance.

At SFA we gladly manage the risk of all your business vehicles with leading insurers at the best rates available, and with a simplified and smooth process of claims administration.

  • Professional indemnity cover

Professional indemnity protects you against any damages that may be claimed by clients or third parties due to an act, omission, or breach of professional duty while conducting business. It also includes legal costs associated with a claim.

  • Agriculture

Agricultural Insurance is a basic, yet specialised product designed to ensure that a farm and its production lines continue in the event of misfortunes or losses.

Whether small and independent or a major commercial operation, as a farmer you are exposed to risk. Your needs will be as unique as you and the challenges you face every day are. An agricultural policy takes care of your individual needs and includes covering risks associated with cooperative and estate wine cellars, fresh produce packaging and cooling plants, liability, exports, products guarantee, plastic tunnels, poultry, warehouse liability and many more. It also covers personal insurance requirements for you, the farmer – one of the most important assets of any farming business.