Driver Journal

Save money on tax returns and refine discipline

Keep trips organized and sorted out

Driver Journal automatically logs the trips and provides a comprehensive
account of a driver’s activity

Classify trips to maximize efficiency and profit

Visualize the metrics. Use personal miles to monitor discipline. Use business miles to deduct expenses.

for personal drives. Let supervisors have a detailed record of private trips to foster optimal use of the fleet.

for work-related trips. Deduct business expenses and return tax.

for any borderline or specific trip type. Use notes to add description or comments.

Powerful tool made simple

Driver Journal is smart, practical and easy to work with. Thanks to drag-n-drop functionality, all the trips can
be sorted out in an instant and provide a big picture for each driver.

Automatic logging

All the data you need is logged automatically. How the trips are sorted? – It’s up to you​


Estimate each driver trip history with extensive and clear logs. Examine business vs personal miles.

Paperless approach

Don’t keep the piles of paper to prepare for the tax day. All the data is stored in one digital place.

Extensive Usability

Use filters to focus on what’s important. Export the log to PDF or Excel files or print a hard copy.

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