Eco Driving

Control driving behavior of your fleet

Most common violations


Speeding is #1 road violation in any country causing heaps of speeding fines and tickets, which negatively reflects on your budget.

Harsh Driving

Harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering can lead to deadly road accidents with multiple victims.

Excessive Idling

Every day millions of cars and trucks idle needlessly, affecting fuel economy, engine lifetime and releasing as much pollution as a moving car.

Help your customers

Forget about fines and tickets

Reduce number of road accidents

Save money on fuel and maintenance

Features overview

Intuitive calibration

Create and manage fuel sensors in the most user-friendly way.

Instant notifications

Receive on-time alerts by SMS or Email to prevent fuel thefts.

Reports & analytics

Thoroughly analyze fuel consumption to minimize operational costs.


Fuel Monitoring support for GPS hardware

360-degree device support is Navixy top priority. We are always ready to add your device to the list of 900 + already integrated models.

Request Integration.

Most devices manufactured by Teltonika can report fuel level and fuel consumption data from CAN bus/OBDII.

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Queclink’s ultrasonic fuel sensor for GV series enables fuel level monitoring without drilling a vehicle’s tank.

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Besides basic fuel level readings, Technoton’s fuel level sensors can report various CAN data: speed, engine hours, temperature, throttle, etc.

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