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Medical aid, Gap cover and Health insurane

  • Medical aid

The focus of a medical aid scheme is to provide members with cover for expenses associated with necessary medical treatment. Often members are obliged to use healthcare specialists who belong to a provider’s network and conditions stipulate which treatments are covered. Taking scheme tariffs into account, the amount you’re paid out will depend on what medical attention you need.

It is important to have medical aid cover as a safety net. If you unexpectedly get sick or injured, medical aid is there to help cover costs that you likely cannot afford to pay on your own. As medical aid can be expensive, you benefit by our professional help to choose the best product for your needs at a competitive price.

Ask us about:

  • Various medical aid providers offering options for you to choose from
  • Hospital plan options
  • Hospital plan with savings
  • Hospital plan with savings and extra threshold benefits
  • Income-based options
  • Network and smart options
  • Options for different percentage threshold cover
  • Cover for PMB (prescribed minimum benefits) conditions
  • Oncology benefits.
  • Preventative benefits
  • Gap cover

Gap cover is a short-term insurance policy which provides shortfall cover where doctors and specialists charge more than medical aid rates. Gap cover works in conjunction with your medical aid, providing up to an additional 500% cover on your medical aid, avoiding costly in-hospital expenses. 

SFA will do Gap cover comparisons and source the most competitive rate for you to supplement your medical aid.

Gap cover can be used for:

  • In-hospital procedures
  • Up to 500% cover above medical aid rates
  • Cover for co-payments
  • Casualty benefit for accidents and illness
  • Benefit for admission fee co-payment
  • Cancer/oncology benefit to supplement your cover
  • First time cancer diagnosis lump sum pay-out
  • Health insurance

Health insurance is designed to ensure that when you need funds for medical purposes, you receive a fixed, lump sum. This amount won’t differ, regardless of the type of treatment that’s required or which healthcare providers you use.

We develop health insurance plans for individuals, families and group schemes.