Our Services

TeflonConnect provides several services that are aimed at reducing operating costs.

  • Tracking access

We have established working relationships with all the leading suppliers of tracking equipment.

  • Data analysis and exception reporting

Our systems are designed to process large sums of live data, thereby enabling rapid analysis and notification of exceptions to our partners.

These exceptions can be accessed via up-to-date reporting platforms. TeflonConnect has developed a unique scoring algorithm which can work across multiple systems and has been tried and tested in the insurance industry for over a decade.

Reports are published in multiple formats, assigning a score to drivers and/or vehicles combining the various factors. The performance of drivers who are falling below benchmark requirements, are highlighted as exceptions, facilitating effective management. The consistent application of this scoring system has resulted in reduced accident frequency, a reduction in insurance premiums, and reduced fuel costs.

  • Route and utilisation management

Time is money.

Regarding vehicles this means that the more kilometres driven, the higher the revenue. TeflonConnect’s scoring report contains a page dedicated to the reporting of daily kilometres travelled by a vehicle or driver.

Analysis of this daily kilometre report highlights periods of high utilisation, thereby providing a framework for fleet planning.

  • Daily reports

TeflonConnect provides a summary report for fleet managers highlighting risks and costs across a fleet in seconds.

For a demo on these reports and capabilities, please send us your details and we will be in touch.

  • Insurance risk management

The TeflonConnect scoring algorithm highlights risk before a claim occurs. In so doing, the client benefits from better insurance rates whilst the insurer benefits by means of a lower risk profile.

We offer optimised insurance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.