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  • SaaS white label platform

TeflonConnect provides an international, industry leading SaaS platform with the ability to access multiple tracking providers’ feeds.

We have over 1300 devices integrated from around the world allowing you to choose customised solutions. Our reseller can consolidate feeds into one platform, allowing the incorporation of existing hardware in contracts without having to cancel contracts.


We provide for the following possibilities:

  • The client has an existing provider still in contract.
  • The client has an existing provider, but the contract has expired.
  • The client requires a new unit/installation/solution.

Fleet management

The telematics portal can provide an immediate view of a whole fleet, provide all the information including driver behaviour and then present it in real time reporting. It can reduce fleet accidents, vehicle maintenance costs, fuel consumption, safety, and often can contribute to insurance benefits.

We can integrate our client’s processes or procedures within the platform quicker than other SaaS tracking providers. Designed for exception reporting, it prevents data becoming overwhelming, assisting both in effectiveness and efficiency.

We have over 1300 devices integrated from around the world allowing you to choose the right solution for your clients.

Video telematics

Video systems can range from 1 to 16 camera channel devices with models to suit all vehicle types, providing live stream feed, event/alarm trigger and historical feed.

GPS asset tracking

We offer an all-encompassing range of devices, meeting the needs of every individual client.

Field service

Keeping up with a fast moving industry, field service software manages all the back office and on-field operations from route planning, electronic forms, secure communication, tasks and advanced analytics.

Platform Integration

Streaming data from multiple tracking companies, we present it to you in one easily accessible platform. Integrated systems enable faster responses to crashes, breakdowns and other road incidents and provide visibility into vehicle performance and operator behaviours.

  • Third party tracking provider integration

TeflonConnect removes barriers to entry, expanding the client base to enable feeds from third party providers. Should you need a third-party API feed integrated, we can help our resellers do this with ease.

  • CRM system (Helpdesk, accounts, installation)

We offer a customised CRM system built specifically for your tracking business with a helpdesk ticketing system linking to the platform and assets.

This allows you to offer professional customer service. It links to your accounts department making sure nothing is missed. The installation model helps track your installations with ease.

We can build custom systems using Microsoft Power Automate to help with any business flow process.

  • BI reporting

Customised Microsoft business intelligence reporting allows you to offer rich and powerful reports from your devices or third party devices.

We can help you save your clients money and reduce risk by applying unique algorithms developed over many years. This reporting has been tested by insurers and is proven to help the client gain valuable insights into their business.

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