About TeflonConnect

We provide you with rapid, valuable, and customisable information for efficient and secure management and risk reduction.

TeflonConnect are market leaders in telemetry data analytics for business process evaluation and consolidation methods by means of API integrations.

When the tracking company Protection Through Innovation, established in 2014, joined Latitude Business Consultants, established in 2001, TeflonConnect was launched in 2020.

TeflonConnect provides several services that are aimed at reducing operating costs. To benefit from telemetry devices, it is vital that devices can provide meaningful data. TeflonConnect can recommend and approve devices to achieve these objectives across multiple providers.

We enable insurers to manage and mitigate risk by providing insight into key risk factors. As independent suppliers, our philosophy is to remain entirely non-product specific. We can simultaneously manage the information from multiple systems, thereby transforming data into meaningful information.

Our core offering is focused on: 

  • Consolidating data from multiple platforms
  • Identifying and reporting on parameters outside of acceptable norms
  • Reducing claims ratios by highlighting risk areas
  • Reducing end user costs

Let us streamline your business.

Our expertise in the telematics market gives our TeflonConnect accredited resellers the edge over traditional tracking solutions.


We have more that 80 years of combined experience in:
  • Telematics
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Insurance risk profiling
  • Project management
  • Fleet management
  • Bureau

What we aim for

Our Vision

Our vision is to be global leaders in telemetry data analytics, providing a product agnostic, superior suite of products to help reduce insurance risk, thus helping our clients buy back the number one commodity: their time.

What we stand for

Our Values

Honesty to the industry
Offering insight to our clients
Elevate status of drivers
To simplify through technology

Companies we work with

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